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Originally Posted by Jori View Post
I seem to attract the sports hating guys as well. I just don't get it
Seriously, what kind of luck do we have then? Those guys are in a huge minority.

I sandbagged when I met my husband about the whole sports thing. Had to reel him in first. Bwahahahahaha, I still remember it. The horrific loss to the Jagwads. I go ballistic. I'm crying and screaming and he is looking at me like he married someone possessed. Then he said about the dumbest thing he could have said, "It's just a game, honey. " I was still bawling at that point, plus I had just had a baby. ( Horomones were probably a bit out of whack. ) I went to our room, slammed the door, and didn't talk to him for a couple of days.

Now, if something bad happens...everyone in the house will just leave. They have a warning system for each other. Apparently, no one in my family likes to see tantrums and foul language unleashed on a consistent basis.
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