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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
They were talking about this on Dan Patrick I think, that when one of these teams comes out of nowhere and beats all the so-called (and picked) great teams, the media will back-peddle and call them a "team of destiny."

Funny thing is, it may be cliche, but I'm getting the feeling that they might in fact be just that. Can this team do no wrong?
Nobody in the world saw this coming. In 2003 they lost 119 games and now they are in the World Series. They played horrible at the end of the season losing to the Royals and as a result lost the division and became a wild card. Everyone said oh boy they lost to the Royals and now they have to go face the Yankees and Kenny Rogers gets killed by the Yanks and so on. This team has won 7 straight so far like it was no big deal and are playing extremely great baseball right now.

I agree about the media, they all picked the Yankees and most of them picked them to sweep or in 4 games the most and now everyone changes their tune about the Tigers. This is one of my biggest pet peeves with sports media, they all pick the favorites and obvious teams in the beginning of the season but when those teams falter or an underdog starts making waves they make it like they have been on the bandwagon for ages.
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