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Originally Posted by Mtbrncofn View Post
I wasn't trying to be an a-hole with the Forsberg question. I was being serious. Is there a reason that they don't let his number be used? Are they going to wait and retire it when he retires?
Have you heard that the Avalanche organization isn't allowing players to wear #21? If not, I'm sure every current Avalanche player knows that #21 probably isn't the best number to choose since Forsberg was so popular in Denver. Plus, there's so many numbers to choose from for a hockey player, unlike in the NFL were you're always going to have guys like Javon Walker and Darrent Williams wearing famous numbers due to the NFL's uniform restrictions.

Peter Forsberg will certainly have his #21 in the Pepsi Center rafters after he retires from hockey. It'll be up there with 33, 77, and 19. I think #52 should be up there at some point, too. Rob Blake has no chance now; Milan Hejduk needs to finish his career in Denver and have about 5 more good seasons to get consideration.
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