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Default Bucci mailbag

I thought this was kinda funny.

Hey John,

I'm being released from prison tomorrow after serving a long sentence for assaulting the organ player at Boston Garden. His Muzak version of The Dead's "Bertha" was too much for any man to take. I only meant to scare him when I tossed my hot dog his way, but the next thing I knew, mustard and relish everywhere. Oh, the humanity. Anyway, now that I have paid my debt to society, and will once again have access to the outside world, I have two questions for you:

1. In your opinion, what has been the biggest change in the NHL since I was locked up 10 years ago?

2. How do you think my Whalers will do this year?

Thanks John!
Bleeding Green,
Gordie (Danbury Federal Penitentiary)

The Boston Bruins have a European captain. The Earth remains on its axis. Look for the Whale to make a run at the Eastern Conference this season. Pat Verbeek inexplicably grew 6 inches. Look for him to score 40-50 goals this season and become eligible for ALL rides at Six Flags in Agawam, Mass.

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