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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
Hey Calijohn, why do Duck fans look like Caltrans workers picking up trash off the I-5?

Anyway youtube vid of Anze Kopitar-

Kid is ONLY 19and he scores 2 goals in his first NHL game? Special thanks to the teams in the top 10 in the 05' draft besides the Pens for passing on him.
We look like Caltran workers cause we pick up the dead Kings fans on the side of the road after another loss to the Ducks. Kopitar looked like a stud Friday night. You forgot to mention the score. Nice win for the Ducks (and Kings) on Saturday. 2 and 0. I need the Sharks to see what we really are made of. Ducks power play so far has been vastly improved. Avs look like the Ducks last year w/o the playoff run. Two overtime, two losses. Ducks cornered the market last year in that catagory. Angels are done so HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY!
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