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Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
For how long though? Seems to me and what I have read and watched on the intermission reports on TV that if the city of Pitt does not get them a new arena soon then the new Owner will try to move the team for greener pastures IE. Hamilton. It is rumored ( haven't confirmed it) that the new owner of the Penguins has a retainer on Copps Coliseaum which is in Hamilton.
It's already been established that there is going to be an arena. There are two ways: Isle of Capri wins the slots license (1% possibility) or Plan B, which the slots competitors have already agreed to in writing (99% possibility). Bettman has said they are going to block a move unless there is no viable plan at all. The government is (finally) ready to negotiate the terms of a lease, has ALREADY bought the land for the arena and has said that the terms of the standard Plan B are negotiable. With these facts, there is no way Bettman is going to accept a move, since the plan is viable. Balsillie is purportedly in agreement: if there is an arena, they stay.

Remember, he wasn't the guy who won the right to have an exclusive negotiating period, that was Sam Fingold. He wanted to move to KC to put them in the Sprint Center and therefore he could never finalize a sale, because he knew the NHL would block him.
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