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Originally Posted by Alec View Post
The problem lies in how Firefox handles HTML coding standards....substandardly.
Firefox handles correctly coded sites just fine. IE allows for sloppy coding and java and that's why it's the most vulnerable browser out there.

Firefox and Mozilla and Opera have opted to obey the W3C standards so page rendering differences between all these browsers and IE are to be expected. I run a few web sites and stumbled across some of my own HTML coding sloppiness that IE let slip by but Firefox did not.

Most pages on the web aren't coded correctly though so it's not too big of a deal...

HTML Validation Results
Document Checked

* URL:
* Character encoding: ISO-8859-1
* Level of HTML: HTML 4.01 Transitional

Errors and Warnings


W3C CSS Validator Results for

Valid CSS! This document validates as CSS!

To work as intended, your CSS style sheet needs a correct document parse tree. This means you should use valid HTML.

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