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Originally Posted by youcandoit1687 View Post
is it true that photoshop cost 500 dollars? holy crap. at school we use photoshop CS and i just searched it on amazon, it sed like 549, wow, no wonder the school district has a budget crisis, must have bought it in mass if its on all 15 computers. maybe i wont be buying it for at home.
Schools get 'education versions' for very cheap, if you're planning on using the program for school or home only (not proffessional) you can probably buy the education version for much cheaper.

Also, since you are very new to photoshop there is a scaled down version for home users called Photoshop Elements. It goes for ~$100, and while it's not as robust as Photoshop it would probably take you quite awhile to get around to using the more advanced Photoshop tools anyway.

Hope that helps!
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