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Originally Posted by dbroncos31 View Post
1. Felix Hernandez RHP
2. Daisuke Matsuzaka RHP
3. Jason Schmidt RHP
4. Jarrod Washburn LHP
5. Jake Woods LHP
Matsuzaka is the way to go. He could be a top MLB starter in his first year...

Not sure about Schmidt though. If he wants to give us a hometown discount...then cool. Not sure if I want to be tieing up 40 mil+ in a 34 year old pitcher though. I'd look towards a project-type like Wade Miller or something. Get 'em for cheap and let 'em produce.

We can let Baek, Woods, and maybe even Soriano fight it out for the 5th spot.

As far as trading Sexson, many bloggers have been kicking that idea around for the past few weeks. The idea would be to trade Richie to open up some money for a more consistent, high OBP type player (Manny). Raul would then move to 1st, and we'd add another corner OF'er so Manny can be the main DH.
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