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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
That's what I was thinking! I have been defending Towers and Bochy all season long, but their decison to put Bellhorn on the roster is indefensible.

Furthermore, Chris Young has been their best starter all season long and he won't be going until Game 3. They need him twice in this series and he's only going once.
Bochy favors veterans...we all know that. Wells was their "name" acquisition this year, so I'm not surprised that they decided to go with him. I think the Madres are counting on Wells living up to his rep as a big game pitcher.

It won't matter who they put up on the hill though...unless they can figure out a way to score runs when they have men in scoring position with one or nobody out. They had a lot of chances to get back in the game today, and they couldn't do it.
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