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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
Well, its a matter of simple common sense. What's more difficult: to make up ground on a team that's winning or to make up ground on a team that's losing?

Most of the great baseball comebacks are associated with collapses. Go figure.
Watching the greatest chokers of all time on ESPN and the two old guys at the end brought up a good point.

WHat is one team's collapse is one team's comeback.

Let's assume for a moment the Cardinals choke it away and the Astros do win it (I dont know if it will happen, but for arguments sake).

The Cardinals are rightfully some huge chokers.

But, even still the Astros would have had to had a serious comeback to even make their choke possible.

So, the Cardinals choking is a direct result of the Astros comeback and, vice versa.
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