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Originally Posted by Alec View Post
Meanwhile, real basketball (that is, the NCAA) is going to be much more exciting as usual/.
At the very least, it will be officiated with a consistent method, and that's enough to get my attention.

I lost so much heart after the rip job the Mavs received last season that I dont think I can stomach much more basketball.

It's been a baaaaad year for ref justice in my sports world. First, the team that beat my Broncos was handed a Superbowl by officials. Secondly, the Mavs/Spurs game 7 was basically a blowout until the whistles came in in the late third quarter. Thirdly, the most blatant discrepancy in the balance of whistles I have ever seen robbed Dirk and the Mavs from the title that they had earned, all for the sake of marketing. Fourthly, my beloved US National team was jobbed in two of their three world cup appearances (Italy and Ghana) in a duboius and underhanded manner after receiving an unjust seed in the tournament. Fifthly and finally (so far), my Sooners were jobbed probably out of the national championship race by the most notorious set of blown calls in recent college football history.

My heart has worn thin for big money sports.
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