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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
****, I wanted Jack Johnson.

****, we could have gotten him for peanuts too.

Congrats 24champbailey!
Yeah I got tingles reading this on the HF boards ( which I have been reading all day )

Originally Posted by JackJohnsonFan View Post
I am from Michigan and am close friends with Jack Johnson. He has told me that he is THRILLED to get out of the Carolina system, as both Rutherford and Karmanos were constantly pressuring him and his family to sign. Instead of respecting Johnson's decision (which they knew all along when they drafted him, that is why Bobby Ryan went 2nd), they bombarded their cell phones and house phone with messages and never left them alone.

Jack was excited to be a member of the Hurricanes organization, but did not appreciate the pressure. Lombardi has made it clear the Kings are going to be patient with him, and this is highly appreciated by him and his family. Jack confides greatly in his father, and his family (who lives 5 minutes off the UM campus) wanted him to stay in school at least one more year.

Jack has always told me he wanted to be at Michigan for at least 2 years, and then re-evaluate his decision after. No matter what, your team is getting an unbelievable athlete. This guy outplayed Crosby in intra-squad scrimmages when both were at Shattuck St. Mary's, and while Johnson refuses to admit it, Crosby swears that Jack will be just as high of an impact player as he is (just in a different facet of the game).

This guy is Scott Stevens all over again. The Kings have gained a new fan today with this trade. He will be your captain one day and will be the best player the team has had since Gretzky.

One other note: Johnson's favorite defenseman in the NHL?

Rob Blake.

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