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Originally Posted by broncsyanks View Post
1st i wasnt rude or anyhting of that nature so why you insisted to say "you" being a yankee fan is the reason is beyond me. i understand that you would know more about this team then i would considering i have to live and hear about it everyday and you dont being in las vegas. SO the media and the fans are to blame here and that is why? i cant believe this. try to have a decent conversation with someone about the yanks and its impossible. are you sure you arent from the northeast>?? its been 3 years that arod has been doing this. i am sorry once again for just trying to clarify the facts around here in NY. I can honestly tell you that there are decent fans in every organizations in every sport. why you put this out there against me is beyond me. i was just simply explaining the whole situation that the article does not show. there are other things to it. sorry if you have to hate on them. again no one is "blaming" arod. where did you get that from>? i never said that. i just simply stated why people do not like him. 3 years before that there wasnt a peep after 9/11 when we lost to the diamondbacks. it was a great series played by 2 classy organizations with great teams. where did you get that from>?? regarding moose and the unit. the unit has been under heavey scrutiny here by the media since the run in with the reporter. a lot of people have criticised him. regarding moose he had his fair share when he threw people under the bus in the playoffs a while back so i really dont know where you are getting your info from but its not a great source.

And where did i say i want to blame someone?? again i dont know where this is coming from to be pointed at me when all i did was explain the whole situation for what it was. hey if you hate the yanks thats cool with me, i hear that a lot. but i never indinuated a argument with you or for that matter try to blame anyone for what was happening. the post taht i wrote was simply replying to what some others wrote about on this thread. not pointing out fingers at anyone. oh and in regards to the 2004 series it was a team loss and yes there was some bad apples then as well.
I don't hate the Yankees, Yankee fans in general, or you in particular. I just call them like I see them and its no secret the New York fans and media have buried more than one struggling athlete. Just because someone is closer to a situation it doesn't mean they always have the best perspective. Fans have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees at times. Being immersed in the middle of three newspapers and however many radio shows all over analyzing this thing doesn't help matters.

I think many Yankee fans have always sort of resented A-Rod because of the constant comparisons to Jeter and I think the fans, and now the team, have decided he's going to be the scapegoat when things go wrong. Its fine if you disagree with me, but you're not liable to dissuade me.

I'm not sure what you mean about those bullpen guys being irreplaceable, but that's why George has spent over a billion dollars chasing his next championship. If they don't get the pitching straightened out, he'll spend a billion more.
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