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Originally Posted by broncsyanks View Post
1st let me say that i happen to be a die hard bronco fan as well as a yankee fan as well. ala the name.

i have to give you guys a little more insight about what was behind this whole thing. 1st when steroid boy went into that slump after getting off the roids that he never admitted to,, that he took, there wasnt one person here in NY that wasnt calling for his head. myself included. torre stroked giambi until it turned ugly and the team was being affected. that is when torre the manager and cashman the GM went into the office with him and started to get on his case even suggesting that he go down to the minors, It was the speech that he woke up if not for hgh or whatever that is when he came out of this slump.
that being said onto arod. Arod has a world of talent. but the problem is that he sounds like he is scripted. and he cares about the stats more then anything. So that being said the reason why people dont really like him here is because he gets most of his stats at the times when it counts the least. against teams like Kansas city and when we are either way ahead of the team or way behind. never to take the lead. he has messed up more then any other person on the team when there is a high pressure situation.
it has been so ugly and believe me i watch how bad he looks at the plate that people were suggesting that in the month of august that the yanks had a pitcher in the #5 whole. i mean come on i dont care who it is if youstrike out 11 times in a row and dont even get the ball out of the infield in the next three at bats you have to say something isnt right.

SO finally that is when this whole mess started. they elected steroid boy to be the one to say it to him because he was one of the only ones that would talk to him. i mean its real bad in the club house with him. So that is also why they wanted giambi to talk to him because that is what worked with giambi. the whole stop the craddling thing needed to stop and now he is doing much better and it worked. its all over the news. TRUST me everyone knows whats going on over here with this. that .305 batting avg is decieving. what it doesnt show is that when the yanks played the twins the one year is where he got those stats from and then choked where it count most to most yankee fans during the red sox series of course. he got a hit or 2 when it dodnt really count and then he says with his defense with his stats.

also what that article shows is that when arod was confronted with this stuff he threw giambi and mike mussina under the bus (ala peyton manning and his o-line) by saying that no one says anything to them when they do bad. where he is wrong about that is yes yankee fans killed him for a long time. and moose doesnt do that bad from time to time warrant an a$$ whooping.
arod will be traded sad to say. so that is just part of the thing now u guys know everything what is going on. oh yes sheff wanted to play 1st base because everyone knows steroid boy (fellow) that he suked in teh field and abreu is great all around. that was his only chance to play with us affter the wrist injury.

See, I cannot trust you about this because you are a Yankee fan and you people are a large part of the problem. There have always been players like Ed Whitson and Kenny Rogers who didn't perform well in New York. The problem is once someone starts struggling the fans and media just fall on him like wolves.

I think the Yankees have turned into a bunch of chicken****s who are looking for someone to blame. So, A-Rod was the reason the team with the $200 million payroll couldn't get it done the last two years. What about the three years before that? Who did they blame then?

I think its funny that Moose has an ERA of 4.50 in 2004 and 2005 and Unit's ERA was over 5.00 most of this season, but they collected their $15 to $18 million with very little criticism.

If you want to point fingers, look at the front office. They let the bullpen, the backbone of their last dynasty, wither and die and the rotation has turned into a joke, too.
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