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Originally Posted by mosca View Post
On a side note concerning 2001, I thought this was really sad. The other day, at work, I mentioned the movie in casual conversation with a coworker and got a blank stare in response. Obviously this person didn't have a clue what "2001: A Space Odyssey" was. I proceeded to ask about 10 other people and only one had even -heard- of the movie, let alone seen it. Made me feel pretty old, and I'm 25. This truly is the ADD generation.
Yep. It's sad that such a classic is overlooked by the modern generation. Sure, it doesn't have the frills and fluff of todays sci-fi movies, but the story is engrossing. Isn't that the point of any movie (or book)? To tell a story?
Originally Posted by claviculasolomonis View Post

i've seen the movie probably 5 times and i swear each time i see it - i don't remember half of it.

I still don't get it 100% - or maybe i do and i'm just not sure how to word it. Maybe that's why the movie is images and not dialogue.
But, you've seen it and remember seeing it. The sad part is the number of people who not only have never seen it, but can't remember even hearing of it.

I'm seriously looking forward to the book. As good as the movie was, the book will probably ruin the movie for me. It's gotta be great!

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