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Thanks so much for the report, Jori.

Nice to hear that Wolski is performing as he should. I'm very excited about seeing a full year of what this kid can do at the NHL level. At the end of his regular season run with the Avs last year, it seemed that he and Svatos were starting to develop some chemistry. I'm looking forward to seeing them lined up together again.

I never entertained any delusions of Stewart cracking the big club this year. From the highlights I've seen of him, he came across as a player who has the tools, but needs a whole lot of refinement of his game before he's ready to play at the NHL level. I'm expecting him to compete for a roster spot in two years at the earliest.

And of course, Mr. Stastny. I'd still rather he be preparing for his junior season, but what's done is done. I hate the idea that he'll likely land in Albany because of the likes of dynamos like Turgeon and Arnason taking up space on the Avs roster. I am glad to hear that his all-around game is showing, as the kid has always lacked blazing speed, but makes up for it with his skills & smarts. Hopefully seniority doesn't rule (though with Coach Q, who knows) and he'll be given a shot to stick with the club in training camp.

Not long before they're dropping the puck, I can't wait.
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