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Originally Posted by JCMElway View Post
You may not like him, but you must admit that other teams have to account for this guys nastiness.
Of course they do, it's the reason why they do that's the bigger problem. Get ready for a rant......

That being that the NHL doesn't police it's players. NHL suspensions are a joke, no player is worried about the consequences of sending an opposing player to the hospital with a cheap shot. Claude Lemieux got two games for crushing Kris Draper's face. Bryan Marchment has been repeatedly slapped on the wrist for repeatedly taking part in dangerous and malicious acts on the ice ranging from knee on knee hits to spearing. Ruslan Salei sent Mike Modano face first into the boards in a position so awkward that I was amazed that his neck wasn't broken......Salei got two games for it. Todd Bertuzzi got 20 games for ending Steve Moore's career. On and on and on.

I don't agree with Brett Hull about much, but he really nailed it after that hit on Modano. His response to the suspension was, "I guess they're gonna wait until someone gets killed to do something about this stuff."

It's been a problem in the NHL for years and players like Hatcher have been the beneficieries of the non-existant discipline from the league office.

Anyway, on with the draft!
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