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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
I didn't like that cheap shotting, face washing, tough behind my visor asshat either.

That knuckle dragging **** Hatcher has sent more players to the injured list with his elbows than Lemieux could have ever dreamed of. It shames me that his big, dumb, neanderthal ass was ever selected to represent Team USA.

I'm thankful that the new NHL is phasing him, and those like him, out of the league.
CW, I just wish you'd speak your mind. It's OK to express your opinions. How do you really feel about Hatcher?

You may not like him, but you must admit that other teams have to account for this guys nastiness. It gets other teams thinking and out of their gameplan. It may not always be the most sportsmanlike, but that's hockey. He's also a bit more old school in the toughness department. I like that.

It's his perchant to rough folks up that made me select him. I like to have at least one guy on my team that everybody else hates. Guys like Gretzky and Sellane better have their head on a swivel when Hatcher is on the ice!

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