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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc View Post
I wonder how much the Red Sox are enoying the Beckett/Lowell trade right about now.

Sanchez throws the fourth Marlins no-hitter in 11 seasons dating back to Leiter's no-no against the Rockies in '96.

Florida's total payroll is less than what the Rockies are paying Todd Helton in 2006 and yet they're still in the Wild Card hunt while the Rockies are spinning out of control.

As a follower of both '93 expansion teams it's amazing to see the contrast between the two clubs. The Marlins are better in almost every aspect as a franchise (success, historic moments, player development, general managers, managers, announcers) except for stadium and ownership. Coors Field blows away Dolphins Stadium as place to watch a ballgame (Coors is top-5, DS is bottom-2), and even though the Monforts suck as owners, they're still better than the worst owner in professional sports, Jeffrey Loria.
The Marlins have this strange habit of developing talent (especially pitching) that just hasn't rubbed off on the Rockies.

And saying the Monforts look good copared to Loria is like complimenting vomit for being a step above shit.

It's been something to watch the Marlins build, win it all, tear it down, rebuild, win it all again, tear it down again and now build it back up again at a pace that already has their current team (with a payroll of $15 million) ahead of the Rockies. While the Marlins owner may suck, they've obviously got some pretty sharp baseball minds in the organization somewhere. They're not coming up with talent like they've got by accident.
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