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I love doing these drafts, but I'm not crazy about the ranking process. The younger guys are at a natural disadvantage and I feel bad about marking them down sometimes.

Okay, it basically breaks down in tiers.

1) Leucadia Tiburones - BroncoLB52

2) Denver Bears - Clockwork Orange
3) The Grand Rapids Fightin' Mays - JCMElway
4) Denver Zephyrs - Breck Bronc

5) Greeley Grays - Atwater

6) Red Rocket RC's team. I'm calling them the Racers.
7) Calgary Cannons - killericon
The separation between the top four teams is very minimal, with LB52's overall balance distancing him a bit from the other three. I think the Grays are a notch below the top tier, but a cut above the final two squads.

1) Leucadia Tiburones - BroncoLB52 - Built a strong foundation by drafting a devastating offense and never looked back. Rock solid throughout and strong up the middle defensively. My only minor change would be the addition of one more lefthander in the rotation or perhaps a situational lefty in the bullpen. Not a single shaky pick.

Walter Alston is an excellent choice as manager for one of these teams. The more fiery personalities might become frustrated with him at times, but his calm steady approach would be extremely effective handling this much talent.

2) Denver Bears - Clockwork Orange - The top of his draft was unreal. He stole Cobb at #7 and then he got tremendous value with Walter Johnson at #10. You can make a strong case for Cobb as the best player ever. Nobody can convince me Johnson wasn't the best pitcher ever.

I also believe Johnny Bench was the best catcher to ever don the tools of ignorance. He only revolutionized the position.

Gold Gloves all over the infield and a superb starting rotation are the team strengths.

I don't like how overloaded the lineup is with righthanded batters. If I'm managing this squad, I probably get Brock and Alomer into the starting lineup to get some more balance.

Torre is another good choice as manager for all the same reasons as Alston.

3) The Grand Rapids Fightin' Mays - JCMElway - He got the draft off to a great start by picking the best player ever number one .

He also got excellent value on several picks which is evident when you examine his roster. This would be a very fun team to watch. The starting lineup features some of the best baserunners in baseball history, despite an overall lack of raw speed.

The only minor issue I see is the infield defense on the left side is average at best.

4) Denver Zephyrs - Breck Bronc - Breck's lineup is just plain sick. He's got Honus Wagner batting ninth for Pete's sake. His starting rotation is also dominant.

My big complaint with this team is the way its constructed. 12 pitchers are too many for this type of squad and I would say this team has fewer than 100 combined lifetime saves. That said, the pitchers he selected range from excellent to justifiable. Unfortunately this left him a short bench and its unclear how his bullpen would shake out.

I actually like the overall talent on Breck's team a bit more than JCMElway's but his roster composition doesn't work for me. This dropped him to fourth place.

5) Greeley Grays - Atwater - Atwater scared me early on in this draft. He followed up excellent picks in rounds one and two (Gehrig and Koufax) with Earl Weaver in round three and Thurman Munson in round four. Thurman, God rest his soul, belongs on one of these teams, but not anywhere near the fourth round. Weaver was a terrible pick. Third round was way too high for a manager and I'm not sure Weaver's crusty style would play with this many star players. He did love to platoon, though. Maybe that would work out alright after all.

After that two round hiccup Atwater just kept making one solid pick after another. Billy Williams, Larry Doby, Bill Freehan and Frank Baker were all great value picks. Solid team.

6) Red Rocket RC Racers - Fantastic pitching, but he overpaid for the starting rotation. He got much better value while building a terrific bullpen later on in the draft.

I also like his starting lineup, which is not provided, but this is the way I would roll them out:

Nap Lajoie, 2B
Tony Gwynn, RF
Jeff Bagwell, 1B
Carl Yastrzemski, LF
David Ortiz, DH
Roy Campanella, C
Ron Santo, 3B
Andruw Jones, CF
Pee Wee Reese, SS

Not too bad, although Gwynn and Yaz and the only lefthanded bats.

The main weakness on this team is all the young and unproven players on the bench. You're doing too much projecting.

7) Calgary Cannons - killericon - Lots of talent, especially in the starting lineup, but a couple glaring weaknesses. Grace gets destroyed when you compare him against the other first baSeimian in this league. I also think Wells and Rogers are very shaky choices as fourth and fifth starters.

Tremendous value from the Tommy John and Sadararu Oh picks bolster this team's roster.
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