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Originally Posted by killericon View Post
Bear in mind, people, I didn't follow Baseball untill this year.

I don't have the time to do up an analysis for you at this late hour, but I'm sure none of you would want to hear it anyways...I'm not all that good at the whole Baseball thing.

Well, I'm 0 for 2 in fantasy drafts...hopefully my NHL squad will get higher rankings than my MLB or NFL ones.

It's been fun.
Killer, I would not say you're 0-2, this is all just menat to spur discussion and get folks talking about players and the game. You made a couple of choices I don't agree with, but any of these teams could have a chance at winning if they played one another. We're just trying to find the small things that seperate one team from another. And you're Canadian, you can't help it!

The rankings are just for fun, the drafting and thinking is the thing.

Oh, and I fully expect you to kick my ass in the hockey draft. I'm hoping all my research pays off over there, but we'll see.

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