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More about Taylor, a quote from teammate Dionne:

"Dave Taylor was the winger that you dream about, a great two-way player" Dionne said. "He had great dedication. He came in as a longshot to make the team and he made the best of his opportunity. He was a very intelligent player and there wasn't much you had to tell him. He was the kind of player that you didn't realize how committed he was until you had the chance to play with him. When I played against him, I just knew he was hard to beat, hard to get anything accomplished against him. He played a lot like Jari Kurri. You had to fight him for every inch.

"The Triple Crown Line was something very special in hockey," Dionne said. "Over the years, there have been a lot of situations where you had two guys who combined with a variety of forwards as great combinations but for three guys to play together as long and as well as we did, that is rare."
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