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Here's how I see the teams (ranking the top teams was very tough and I hope no one takes offense to any criticisms I make):

1. Leucadia Tiburones - BroncoLB52

The lineup 1 through 6 is awesome. The 7 & 8 slots are very good defensive players, but, along with the pitcher hitting ninth, will struggle offensively. They'll still score a ton of runs with the first six hitters.

BroncoLB52 did well in the later rounds, stealing a couple of guys I was going to pick, Tim Raines and Oscar Charleston.

His starting rotation is very solid; I really like Pedro as a #4 starter.

2. Burbank Nomads - Slap

Slap's team is solid all around. I love the middle of his lineup, anchored by maybe the best pure hitter of all-time, Ted Williams. I'm not a big fan of Ichiro, but he'll score a ton of runs in front of those hitters. Tris Speaker might have been the best pick in the draft where Slap took him, and I'd rather see him starting in center than The Hawk (I'd also move Dawson to RF and put Ichiro on the bench, but this is his team, not mine ).

The starting rotation is set up nice, and Slap took Goose Gossage just before I had the chance.

There's not much to nitpick here.

3. Denver Bears - Clockwork Orange

CO's strength is the starting rotation. Walter Johnson, Bob Gibson, and Randy Johnson are 3 of the nastiest pitchers ever (though I'd move Johnson to the #2 slot ahead of Gibson to break up the right/righty top two). Glavine and Smoltz are solid #4 and #5 starters.

Mariano Rivera is the only modern-day closer I would even consider drafting. After him the bullpen doesn't stand out, but with his starters it probably won't matter.

In defense of CO, Alex Rodriguez was a much better defensive shortstop than he's been at third base. Derek Jeter should have been moved to third, but that didn't happen because of politics.

His lineup is good, and Vlad and Manny deserve to be on any all-time list. The one weakness I see in the lineup is that hitters 3 through 9 are all right handed. A tough right handed pitcher could be give this lineup trouble.

4. The Grand Rapids Fightin' Mays - JCMElway

Any team with Babe Ruth hitting fourth is going to be tough. I like Clemente in right field and would probably move him up in this lineup ahead of Ernie Banks.

I went to a Rockies game the other night and there was an older gentleman sitting next to me with an Al Kaline Tigers jersey on. He kept talking about Kaline in comparison to the Rockies and Mets players playing that night (exp., "Al Kaline would have thrown that runner out!").

The effort to draft all retired players (save Clemens) is admirable (and tougher to do the research), but there are some current non-steroid players that are already all-time greats, IMO.

Roger Clemens keeps proving he's one of the top-3 pitchers of all-time, and the rest of the rotation is good. I like Bruce Sutter in the pen, he finally got to the HOF this year.

5. Greeley Grays - Atwater

Even though the guy is an a-hole and a steroid user, Barry Bonds still should be starting in left over Billy Williams. He was a great player before 1998 and it's a shame he decided to taint his entire career by juicing.

Aside from Lou Gehrig the lineup lacks power. Derek Jeter has really helped his legacy by putting up a MVP-like season this year. Whoever votes for Jeter as the most overrated player in baseball (and he always seems to "win" those polls) is ignorant.

Atwater has a good bench and starting rotation, but the bullpen is kind of weak. Hernandez and Hiller both had one great fluke season, and Gagne has had a ton of injuries to go along with his historic three-year run.

6. Red Rocket RC's team

It's hard to judge his team with no lineup's presented, but it's easy to see that Red Rocket is a younger baseball fan. He did a nice job with picking pitchers early, but his hitters suffer from that strategy.

7. Calgary Cannons-killericon

Killericon made one of the best picks of the draft (Sadaharu Oh) and unquestionably the worst pick in the draft (Billy Koch).

There are just too many Blue Jays and steroid users to be ranked higher. There are six current or former Blue Jays on the roster (Halladay, Wells, Koch, Wells, Delgado, Glaus); that's a lot for a team that hasn't finished higher than third in their division for over a decade. I'm a big fan of Colorado's Arvada West High School-product Roy Halladay, but there's no way he should be a #2 starter in an 8 team all-time draft. Billy Koch had a few decent seasons and then lost the ability to throw strikes. He wasn't even one of the better pitchers of his era, let alone all-time.

Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa couldn't have a lower reputation at this point. Mark Grace is not a very dynamic first baseman; there were better options at 1B available.

On the positive side, KI did do a good job of getting Hank Aaron, Mike Piazza (best hitting catcher ever), Lefty Grove (arguably the best left handed starter ever), the previously mentioned Japanese slugger Sadaharu Oh, and Ken Griffey Jr., who was the best center fielder of the 1990's. Otherwise, this team is a mess.

BroncoLB52 - 7 points
Slap - 6 points
Clockwork Orange - 5 points
JCM Elway - 4 points
Atwater - 3 points
Red Rocket RC - 2 points
killericon - 1 point
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