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With these comments I'm trying to be overly critical and poke holes in the rosters. The reason is because they are all fantastic. I think everyone put a bunch of effort into their choices. So I was looking for the tiny bits of minutae to seperate one team from another. I hope no one thinks I'm bagging on them, my criticisms were meant to be harsh so I could find a way to rate one team over another. It was very difficult!

My Comments on the teams:

For the record let me say I cannot believe no one drafted Connie Mack. It was between him and Sparky for me. One of the top three managers ever, IMHO!

LB52: Great top 6 in the lineup...Aparicio and Maz were great defensively but the O may suffer against this pitching...I thik Pujols will stand the test of time....Really good starting rotation....Solid bench...Nice bullpen with Eck, Quiz, and Wags....great stuff.

No Dh huh? Does that mean you're going to have your pitchers bat vs our lineups with a DH? The only reason I'm pushing the DH is those are the runles that CW set out at the beginning. I'll rate your team as if Ott were the DH. He seems to be the best hitter off your bench. A.

Atwater: No lineup listed....Biggio seems like a reach...Klien had an unproductive 2nd half of his career...Puckett's career was short...Gehrig, Jeter, and Boggs are a strong infield....Molitor is a great DH choice....Billy Williams is solid.....Very nice rotation....I love the Hiller pick....Hernandez was not productive for a long enough period of time....Gagne is injury prone....Only three pitchers in the bullpen?!?...Bonds is good coming off the bench....Very solid bench. C+

Slap: Nice balance of lefties vs. righties.....Damn good lineup....Pop Lloydick was outstanding....Dawson ahead of Tris Speaker?.....Solid bench...Wow, great rotation....I was looking to draft Lolich and Drysdale myselfand you sniped them from me....looks like you've got a couple of reaches in the bullpen, but they'll get the job done. A-

Clockwork: Man Ram and Vlad are reaches for all time greats at this point in their career. I'd buy their presence here if they were coming off the bench.....will A Rod psych himself out being among all these great players....and is A Rod good enough defensively to be here?.....Love the rest of the batting order...Lou Brock should be starting....Not real crazy about the bench....Very nice rotation....Glavine may be the weak link there....Rivera and L. Smith are great 1-2 punch....the rest of the pen is suspect....Liriano? Dude hasn't even played a full season. R E A C H......Percival and Petitie are just OK......Torre will keep them all on an even keel. C+

Breck Bronc: Wow, helluva starting lineup....decent bench....Very nice rotation...Good pen....Blyleven might be a reach? Dunno, he was a warrior, tho....It's too early to call Santana an all time great.....Nice balance of lefties and righties....Good all around effort. B+

KI: I have a problem with the guys who used steroids here. Bonds was an MVP before the steroids thing, so I can see him being an all time great. But Sosa and McGuire are cheaters and a disgrace to the league. That being said....Griffey is too fragile, I could see him coming off the bench....Can't argue with Traynor or Ripken, outstanding.....batting order?.....good lineup otherwise....too much of a reliance on modern day players, Rogers and Wells are not all time greats....Halladay may get in the hall someday....Only 3 pitchers in the bullpen?....Good pitchers in the pen, tho', even though there's not enough of them.....Oh should be starting ahead of one of your cheaters.....Matsui, Wells, Delgado, and Glaus are reaches.....Why didn't you draft Joe Carter?!? C-

Red: Very good manager.....Strong pitching rotation. Really great......Ortiz is too early to call here, but close. If this heart thing clears up.....Andruw Jones is a huge reach.....Rest of the starting lineup is great......Nenn's career was too short....Orosco was only really productive the first half of his career....The rest of the pen is solid....Do you have rightie vs. leftie balance?....Edmonds, Rollins, and Utley are reaches at this point. Although Utley has the most potential. B

So here are my rankings!

LB 52 -- 7 pts
Slap -- 6 pts
Breck -- 5 pts
Red R -- 4 pts
CW -- 3 pts
Atwater -- 2 pts
KI -- 1 pt

The difference between Red's and Breck's teams was a coin flip in my mind. I just liked Brecks lineup and bullpen a bit more. Although Red's starting rotation was superior. Very close!

If Atwater had more than three pitchers in his Pen I would have ranked him ahead of CW's team. KI's letter grade would go up to a C+ with more bullben help as well.

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