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Tim Tebow

"Basketball is not just about dribbling and shooting," said Greece coach Panagiotis Yannakis, who took a congratulatory call from Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis after the game. "You can come off the bench with a clear mind and give the best of your talent and that's what our players did today."

Continuously burning the Americans' poor defense against the pick-and-roll, the Greeks shot 63 percent (35-of-56) from the field and made 31 of 44 shots over the final three periods.

"We didn't make the right adjustments," U.S. center Chris Bosh said. "They ran the same play. We made it easy for them."

The U.S. hasn't even played for a world championship since winning the last of its three titles in Toronto in 1994. Mike Krzyzewski -- who was looking for gold after winning bronze with the 1990 team -- and a few American players walked to midcourt to congratulate the Greeks, while most of the U.S. roster quickly headed to the locker room.

I'm glad they lost if they can't defend a dman pick and roll. It' snot basketball they're playing in the US these days.
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