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I'm not surprised. His mid range shot is the near the top in the NBA... the 3 line is a lot shorter on the international level. Melo is a special player, but on the offensive side, he has absolutely no help from any Nuggets player, which is why we always get shut down in the playoffs. Lebron has the tall white dude (wow i forgot his name), D Jones, and Hughes who are all consistent shooters. Wade has a bunch of help offensively. Carmelo is seriously by himself. Camby is so inconsistent as well as Miller. KMart could help but he's injury prone. Which is why Melo has struggled in the playoofs. Good defensive teams shut down the fastbreak, and force the Nugs to play halfcourt. It wouldn't be a problem for Melo if he could have a person or two to rely on.

Like the Rocky Mountain News said, this is a message to the organization to get shooters. Melo can be so much more amazing if he has ppl he can depend on. I hope the Magette rumor is true (of packaging Joe Smith and others). That would help us A LOT.
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