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Originally Posted by The Moops
Three questions: Even though it was only Jon's second season with the club, he started alongside Floyd Little in his last game at Mile High Stadium in that frigid 18-degree December weather. What does he remember most about that game and what was it like being in the same backfield with Floyd?
Excellent idea ... he should devote a reasonable amount of the book to Broncos history, imo ...

The first ever AFL game ... the socks ... how bloody awful the team was before Ralston ... the old quansut huts on 57th street and Al Davis's spys nearby ...

And the "hick town" image that Denver believed it had and how the 1977 Orange Crush changed it. The book could have a "City Comes of Age" theme ...

And a full chapter to Floyd Little and how basically his presence and popularity alone saved the Broncos from moving ...

And if he wants to write a REALLY serious book, and get REAL attention .... he should write about Alzado and steroids.
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