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Royce Freeman

Fans who grew up during the Elway years can't relate to the experience of going for years thinking you'd never even have a winning season and then suddenly all at once, you're in the Super Bowl...the dream come true. The emotions of losing that game are something I'll never forget. It was such a huge buildup in Denver that year. Everything was painted orange, including people. I was 19...and when they lost the Super Bowl, the emotional fall was so fast and so far...I cried like a baby.

Years later...I finally felt the other side of that roller coaster...a high I've never had in sports before or since...when they finally won it all against the Packers.

How did the players deal with the dissapointment of losing? Why was Red Miller such a quick exit after the meteoric rise...and what became of him? Is he still alive? What's he doing today and is he a Denver fan?
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