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I grew up a Viking fan, and when I got to Denver University I was rather overwhelmed not being big man on the block because my dad and uncle had serious clout. There I was just a dumb farmer even tho I was on the debate team.

I kept hearing about the Broncos...8-1, ears started perkin' up. It just wasn't on my priority list.

My question would be (if Jon was there), his impressions of Ralston, Lou Saban and Red Miller.

One other that I'm sure will be covered would be the Dominant Orange Crush and specifically Lyle Alzado.

Some takes on the then powerfull Raiders would be good.

I only vaguely remember Keyworth, he was a blocking back that didn't touch the ball much if my memory serves me. I was a complete neophyte at that time. Christ, I was a Viking fan and had to test the waters. Obviously they were warm. Out of the RBBC I liked Rob Lytle the best. I honestly don't remember alot about that team.

Oh, there is one question that would be cool...I would drive past the orange car every day on Santa Fe at the salvage yard. I would like to know about Orange Crush mania.

I remember Jon as an excellent blocker with broad shoulders who wasn't scared to stick his nose into the action because this was a smash mouth football team.
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