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Originally Posted by Pendejo
I'm not fighting for anything. And while the dahyers have been red hot since the break...I'm not going to count out this Madres team until they've been officially eliminated. They're proving to be a resilient, and scrappy bunch. Peavy seems to have righted himself...the rest/cortisone shot at the break, and moving to the third base side of the rubbers seems to have got him back on track. That alone is huge.

Clearly the dahyers are the favorites to win the division...for now...but anything can happen in the wild wild nl west. We'll see.
Ill give you that, Padres are a pesky team. Peavy is the only guy I really like to watch in our division. I think he has some great stuff. The only problem I have with the dodgers right now is JD Drew (aka Shawn Green part 2), because nobody is hitting homeruns for the Dodgers consistent enough.
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