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M. Salah

Originally Posted by ro_50
All I gotta say to Nuggets fans is THANK YOU MELO for saving our a** today against Italy.

He's been incredible during the games this summer. Just amazing.

I agree with you RhymesayersDU, people criticize this US team but they are playing well considering they are not going to beat anyone by 38 or 40 like the 92 team did.

Today's game was great, that sucks you missed the second half and Melo's show.

I've been getting up every morning to watch the games and lets hope US can come back w/ the top honors.
Yeah, I wanted to stay up so bad, but it was like 5:30 and I had to get some more sleep before work. But I guess ESPN2 will be showing the game tonight, so I might have to watch that second half with Melo.

Also, does anybody know what is going on with Bosh? How could a guy that good get a DNP?
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