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M. Salah

Man, today's game was pretty awesome. I only saw the first half before returning to bed, so I didn't really see Melo go on a tear for 35, but man that Italian squad is good. And they don't even have that Bargnani guy.

You know, people can bash the USA all they want, but the fact is there will never ever be an average winning margin of 38 points ever again ('92) and people should just move on. I find it funny that this team just can't win, even if they win but it's by less than 50 points they get bashed.

Not only has the world caught up, but I do wonder what 1992 would have been like if say, John Stockton played for France (Tony Parker) or if Scottie Pipper played for Argentina (Manu) or if Charles Barkley played for Germany (Dirk). I realize that 1992 was full of legendary players, and I'll even go as far as to say these guys out there don't have the talent that that squad had. But that squad also didn't have to face teams with top-tier NBA talent. I mean seriously, what if the 1992 team had to face a foreign team with an MVP candidate like Dirk leading the way?

Anyways, I'm rambling. The point is, this USA Squad is going to take this tournament, and they're taking the gold in 2008. Just don't diminish the accomplishments because the games weren't decided by halftime.
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