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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff
What about some story that Clarett's best friend was killed/died the week of the Fiesta Bowl, and Ohio State wouldn't let him go home for the funeral? APacino would know ... supposedly Clarett was never the same guy after that ...

I heard this on Sandy Clough on 950 The Fan ... I was streaming it Friday morning.

They also had Tom Nalen in a radio interview! I didn't think they did those thiongs, but it was Nalen. Some of the nuggets Nails mentioned:
  1. - "No comment" on the QB situation, but he loves Jake
  2. - He doesn't think he's a HOF candidate ...
  3. - If Zimmerman isn't in the Hall, why even have a Hall?
  4. - He plans - right now - to play out the 3-year contract
  5. - Lepsis listens to Coldplay on his i-Pod
  6. - If not football, he wanted to go into law enforcement, FBI hopefully
  7. - He only re-signed because he thinks this team can go back and win another Lombardi. He doesn't need the $$
FBI huh? Isn't Keith Bishop in the FBI now??

I guess as retired Broncos they love busting former Raider players after their careers are over.
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