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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU
Very true, but the issue is, his defensive skills are the best on the squad, IMO... And that is one of those things that could possible trump other skills. Top to bottom, he may be the worst player in the bunch... But the one thing he's good at, defense, could be a huge asset. We shall see.
I disagree. I think Bowen's defense is overrated. Everyone knows he cheats on defense with his little shoves, etc... however, he receives the benefit of the no calls from the refs b/c... he plays for the Spurs and he is widely known for being the best defensive player in the NBA... therefore, the refs subconsciously ignore his subtle defensive ways...

In the international game, he does not have such luxury... he is not on a team that is geared defensively (altho they're improving upon it), nor is he known by anyone on an international level meaning refs won't stand for some of his defensive tricks. Anyway, he still is a great defender, don't get me wrong. But 4 pts in like 5 exhibition games? That's flat out horrible.
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