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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
Malkin is a perennial all-star player and is going to be the best two way center in the entire league for the next 15 years.
You wish. He's not Crosby or anything...He'll be good...but not Hall of fame good, or anything like that.

In any case, I can't believe you think it'd be a BAD trade for the Pens...****, I'd do it for Ribeiro and Ryder alone...nevermind the pick, Souray and Aebischer.

There's one thing we can agree on though: It's not gonna happen.

The best suggestion I've heard was over on the Flames official board:

Here's an idea:

Every team submits a list of players and/or picks that they would give to the Pens in exchange for Malkin. Then a 29-team cross-country chase ensues. Whoever finds Malkin first gets to make their trade.
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