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For my freinds like Jori, Clock, Mtn, and especially Tredici.

From THN 2006 Yearbook - Avery Interview

Avery is determined to show the world he's more than a mouthpiece. "I think it's time" he says. "Everyone knows that I'm a valuable player and I think I'm only going to do myself more justice by smartening up. I had that year and it was just one of those things that just kind of snowballed. Part of it was me just trying to get a lot of attention. I have accomplished it now and everybody knows who I am. I don't need to have the circus-like antycs anymore. I'm still going to play the same way. I'm going to play hard, but I'd like to drop my penalty minutes by at least 100."

"I think I'm going to get better. I'm really excited. My numbers have been better every year I played. I want to get 60 points this season. 50 points is a given for me. I don't even mind being a checker. When you're playing against the other team's top line, they usually aren't that good defensively, so you're going to get your scoring chances. I like that more than playing against the other team's checking line. I think I have always played better when I am given responsibilities."

cant wait to see the reaction...
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