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Originally Posted by -Slap-
And you can't go three posts on any topic without redirecting the subject to your stupid agenda.
Lol...go look back at the thread. My agenda was to point out that with pitchers, you can look at their deliveries and have a good indication of who will endure injury, and who will not. YOU felt the need to dispute that fact...which further proves your lack of knowledge or simple ignorance. Sure you love your fantasy game, but I'm trying to give you some advice. Stay away from pitchers with violent deliveries, guys who throw high percentages of sinkers/sliders, and guys who have diminutive body fames. Liriano, Harden, Peavy, Webb, soon to be King Felix...all are injuries in the making.

Injuries to pitchers, in the BROAD picture, are not random. Are you going to continue to dispute that, jackass?
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