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And for the next pick:

Mickey Cochrane, C, A's/Tigers

Post-Season: 1929 World Series, 1930 World Series, 1931 World Series, 1934 World Series, 1935 World Series
Awards: All-Star 1934-1935; American League Most Valuable Player 1928, 1934

Mickey Cochrane batted .320 during his 13-year career and excelled behind the plate, but he also possessed that special trait - a fierce, competitive spirit - which gave him exceptional leadership qualities. "Black Mike" was the spark of the Athletics' pennant-winning teams of 1929, '30 and '31, hitting .331, .357 and .349, respectively. As player-manager for the Detroit Tigers from 1934 to 1937, he directed them to a league championship in 1934 and the World Series title in '35. A beaning in 1937 ended his playing career.

"There were few things as exciting as watching somebody trying to get in there on a close play with Cochrane. Home plate was his, you see. You had to take it away from him. Tough? Just the same as a piece of flint."
— Doc Cramer

Did You Know... that Mickey Cochrane hit a home run in the last official at bat of his major league career?
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