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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Jori
I agree Clockwork. Hurdle is an idiot. I knew we were doomed once he brought in Burger King.

How many guys did the Rockies leave on base last night?

If anybody could get a clutch hit, the Rockies would have won 3 out of 4 instead of losing 3 out of 4.
Just from things I've picked up here and there on SoCal sports radio...I don't think Hurdle is even respected among his peers. Bochy's said some things that make it seem like Clint is a hack.

I've always hated the Rockies. I was a junior in high school (in Greeley) their first year...I hated their gang banger color scheme, and the ridiculous ass kissing the Denver media gave to a fat poseur like Dante Bichette. I remember one game in which fat dant managed to throw the ball backwards. One year didn't he hit like 49 home runs...with two of them coming on the road.

All of that a Madres's clear to me that the Rockies are on the right track...they definitely need to S can their manager...and ideally get some new ownership. Once again...I'm a Madres fan, and WE know all about ****ty owners.

I f'ing hate Jason Jennings. When is he a free agent. I want his fat ass on the Madre's staff asap. Although he'd probably find a way to kill them even if he was on the roster.
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