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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
Of course not. The Rockies organization is known for rewarding mediocrity.

As for Manuel Corpas, I can see why Hurdle wouldn't want to leave this kid out there. I mean, look at his numbers!

8 appearances
9 1/3 innings pitched
0.96 ERA
5 hits
2 walks
10 strikeouts
.161 opponents batting average

Why on earth would he want to utilize him?
That's the problem with these old school fossils...most of them anyways. They'll go down in flames with a veteran before they'd even consider using a rook.

Hargrove's scared ****less of hurting his veteran's feelings. When Carl Everett was still on the team, they got in a shouting match over Hargrove lifting Everett for a RH bat (who has a 1.000+ OPS against LH pitchers) once a LH reliever entered the game. This was quite some time ago, but at the time, Everett was behind only David Ortiz in plate appearances. And the jackass was whining about playing time. And what's even better is how Hargrove bent over for him afterwards by playing him even more (despite his .600 OPS as the "DH"). Damn, he's such a shallow tub of lard.
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