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More managerial idiocy...just because it's fun to b****.

This is some good stuff from Mariner's blog. This is from tonight's game where Mateo gave up an inside the park grand slam (basically) on the first pitch.

Said Hargrove on bringing Mateo into the game:

"I felt if Mateo came in and threw the ball the way he can, we had a good chance of getting the ground ball," Hargrove explained. "It just didn't work."

Coming into the game, Julio Mateo had recorded 38 groundballs on 154 balls in play, a 24.7% frequency. Among pitchers with 15+ innings on the season, that percentage ranked third-worst in baseball, ahead of just Keith Foulke (18.4%) and Chuck James (22.9%). 439 different pitchers have thrown at least 15 innings this year. Mateo gets fewer groundballs than 436 of them.

Let's pretend for a moment that Mark Lowe's elbow was still bothering him today, and that he was unavailable to pitch. Same goes for Putz, since he's thrown a ton lately. Still at Hargrove's disposal: Rafael Soriano (22 pitches yesterday, bad GB/FB, but excellent 27.5% strikeouts), Sean Green (59.4% groundballs, 10th best in baseball), Jake Woods (42.7% groundballs), and George Sherrill (36.1% groundballs). Instead of choosing any of these guys, Hargrove chose the one pitcher least likely to get him either a groundball or a strikeout, with predictable results:

First pitch, belt-high, right over the center of the plate. The quality of Julio Mateo's repertoire is surpassed only by his impeccable location.
Right down the proverbial pipe...

This idiot actually says that he expected a ground ball from of the most extreme flyball pitchers of the last decade.

Then there's his whole infatuation with Willie ****ing Bloomquist...a "hitter" who "hits" with less power than the average NL pitcher (smaller ISO--SLG minus AVG).

On and on and on. Hey, at least he'll get canned in the offseason. Doesn't look the same can be said for Rox fans...sorrrryyyy.
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