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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
And now Hunter Wendelstedt ejects Ray King for looking at him. I kid you not, they showed the entire sequence of King as he was leaving the game. He stared at Wendelstedt on his way to the dugout, didn't say a single word, didn't make any gestures with his hands, arms or body and this bush league ump throws him out.

I don't care that a lame Rockies reliever got tossed as he was leaving the game anyway, but I hate, hate, hate umpires who go out of their way to make sure everyone in the stadium knows that they're in charge and that even the smallest perceived slight will result in an eruption and an ejection.
I thought it was great a few years ago when the umpires tendered their resignations, and MLB accepted them. They were able to clear out the worst of the worst, but there are still several dickheads in blue.

I remember (probably about 15 years ago) an umpire ejected Tony F'ing Gwynn while he was standing on third base. If memory serves the ump continued to yell at him while he was in the dugout...prompting the hitman to storm back on to the field. I'm sure a lot of you aren't familiar with the great T. Gwynn...but while I rail on him for letting himself get fat...he was a gentlemen and a joy to watch. There was no way he was going back on the field unless the umpire was in the wrong. For you historians...I believe the game was at chavez ravine.

(Edit: After a quick search I found out that the ejection took place in '88, and was the only one of T. Gwynn's career.)
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