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I'm actually surprised this guy is still around (especially after Probert was picked, sorry JCM ). With the 69th pick I select LW - Valery Kharmalov (CSKA Moscow).

Most Soviet hockey experts agree that Kharmalov is the best non-goalie to play for the Soviets/Russia. Kharmalov was a small, fast wing that was hard to stop when he had the puck. He was considered a sniper in his day and also played with creativity uncommon for such a great shooter.

The only things that could stop Kharmalov on the ice were Bobby Clarke and his stick, which intentionally slashed Kharmalov's ankle in the famous 1972 Summit Series (I'll have to draft a few enforcers later to keep Slap's Clarke away from my new player).

The only things that could stop Kharmalov off the ice were automobiles. He was seriously injured in a 1976 car accident that almost ended his hockey career and was killed in a 1981 car accident, ending his life at 33.

Ilya Kovalchuk wears #17 in honor of Kharmalov.

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