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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc
It's funny that most non-Colorado players, fans and media complained about the high scoring at Coors Field (Jim Rome calling it Williamsport and others Coors Lite) between 1995 and 2005. Now that it's playing like a neutral ballpark many non-Colorado players, fans and media are still complaing about Coors Field.

I guess it goes back to the fact that Americans love to complain.
You forgot Coors Canaveral.

The most complaining I've heard about a single park in the past few years came from Phil Nevin about PetCo. He was constantly whining that the park was too big. What's funny is legit sluggers have no problem with the dimensions. In a classic tirade he hit a typical Nevin know a fly ball that dies about 3 steps IN FRONT of the warning track. He stood on first base staring up a the G.M.'s box...and subsequently got his **** handed to him after the game by K.T. in Bochy's office. Thank gawd that punce is gone. Ryan Klesko was a close second with his helmet slamming and propensity for letting F bombs fly after a routine pop out.

Back on topic...Coors Field is fine. It was fine before they started humidifying the's fine now. Who the f*** cares was Jeff Cirillo thinks anyway...besides ESPN of course. I personally thought the football like scores that used be put up there on a semi-regular basis were fun. Pitching duels are great, but every once in awhile I like the surge of offense.
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