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Originally Posted by killericon
Woman, you obviously have'nt been around Calgary during a playoff run.

Did you know that during the 04 finals, when the games were in Tampa, the Saddledome staff brought in two giant screens onto the ice, back-to-back, and let anyone who brouhgt a non-perishable food item as entry fee. The place sold out every time.

Man, when we're down, Calgary fans suck, but when we're on the top...we can't be beat.

Has nothing to do with your post, but hey.
Considering the Flames have had one good playoff run in the past 16 years it's not out of the ordinary for the fans to go crazy like they did in 2004.

It's not unique for a team to bring in video boards for an away game and sell out the arena when they're in a championship series. The Avalanche did this in 1996 and many other teams have, too.

I was in the Saddledome and the streets of Calgary when the Flames clinched the 2006 Northwest Division vs. the Avalanche. I was impressed by the fans, but I wouldn't say they can't be beat. I've lived in Denver for the 1997 & 1998 Bronco Super Bowl runs and the 1996 & 2001 Avalanche Stanley Cup wins, as well as South Florida during the Marlins' amazing 2003 World Series run; every city that wins a major championship goes pretty crazy for their team. The Red Mile in '04 was cool, for sure, but saying Flames fans can't be beat is being naive.
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