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Originally Posted by Mtbrncofn
I got to go to Calgary this year to watch my first hockey game ever and it was awesome. It's the closest venue for me. Of course, nothing would match being able to go to a home game in Denver...especially if some of the group from here was there.

CO is my advisor and he said he was willing to help me finish up my draft, so that's who'll be doing mine for me. What a guy!
Man, you obviously have'nt been around Calgary during a playoff run.

Did you know that during the 04 finals, when the games were in Tampa, the Saddledome staff brought in two giant screens onto the ice, back-to-back, and let anyone who brouhgt a non-perishable food item as entry fee. The place sold out every time.

Man, when we're down, Calgary fans suck, but when we're on the top...we can't be beat.

Has nothing to do with your post, but hey.
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