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Originally Posted by 24champbailey
Just to be clear are we moving players to positions they dont play? Are we moving Centers to play wing?
Yes, we can do that. Heck, if you wind up with Yzerman(See below) you could get him to play Goalie.

Looks like dbroncos31 is not coming back. JCMElway had a nice idea about what to do to correct the situation.

Originally Posted by JCMElway
It looks like DB31 isn't coming back. If we can't find someone to take over his team, than I think we need to find a fair way of releasing Hasek and Yzerman for people to pick up.

Perhaps a lottery. You draw names out of a hat. Say for instance the order was Jori, CB24, and Killericon..... If he was first, Jori would have the option of taking Yzerman or Hasek. He would then have to release one of his already selected players. If he was not interested he could pass. CB24 would then have that option. I think that's a fair way to get them on a team.

Another way to run this would be to do it in reverse draft order. So the people with the option to pick up those players up first would be, in order: KI, Slap, Jori JCM......

Actually, I think the reverse draft thing is the most fair. The person to pick up that player would still have to drop a person from their roster, tho'. That makes the decision a bit tougher.
Any objections?

Of course, just to be Fair, since I'm the moderator, I'll decline any option at either one.

Also, you may only take one of them, unless noone else takes them until you would be back on the clock.

We won't find a replacement for him, since he only did one round.
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