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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by gcver2ver3
You got a decent player in Nady.....

You're right he does have surprising power......

If Nady can play a whole seaon he'll threaten for 30 homers although about 25 is more likely.....

He has an average arm and average range in the outfield....he's got avg speed around the base paths too...

What annoys me most about Nady is the same reason why he hits a decent amount of homeruns...he swings for the fences on every at bat regardless of the circumstance...he NEVER bats for a base hit...he's going for the big fly ball...all or nothing...leaves him prone to strikeouts...but he typically is a fly ball if he doesn't change this he'll never bat over .280 for a complete season...

With that said...Nady is a pretty good ball player...solid in most areas with a nice homerun swing...
It's come to my attention that Nady has a broken bone in his wrist...even though he has hit .295 with 2 homeruns and 6 rbi's in the past 10 games with still takes some luster off from the one decent trade the Pirates had made all day.

Littlefield confirmed that he's the very worst GM in MLB today (if there was any doubt left about that, that is) He rarely, if ever, gets fair value. I don't know what he has on McCheaply that got him that job in the first place.....but he should be fired immediately.

The Pirates will never improve as long as that goof is the GM....never.
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