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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Hogan11
Pirates fan chiming in here...this is about the only move today by them I'm really happy with thus far. Oliver was a ephemeral pitcher for the Buccos....his velocity keeps declining, hopefully the Mets can do something with him. Hernandez will be solid for them in mid-relief/set-up.

I like this Nady...he's got some pop I understand...I know there are Met fans on here, tell me what my team got today.
As a Madres fan I've always liked Nady. He does have some power...he didn't get the AB's he needed to develop in SD. He's played his home games in two pitcher's parks (PetCo, and Shea) so moving into Pitt should help his power numbers. He's clearly not an upper echelon talent, but I don't think he's reached his potential yet.

When I heard that the Madres dealt Linebrink to bring Ollie Perez back home...I initially thought...what the f***? But in recent trades the Madres have done well for themselves. I think I read somewhere that Kevin Towers always thought that Perez would be a relief I think we'll see him in the bully. Perhaps they'll give him a shot in the rotation...a scrapper like Clay Hensley gives them that leeway...and I guess the job that Cla Meredith has done this year made Linebrink somewhat expendable.
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